Autism and Careers

Forward: I am not an expert, this is just a perspective piece that I wrote to allow me to vent some frustrations I have with the current state of Corporate America. This is not meant to be taken in any way other than some blogger posting an opinion piece. If you disagree with what I say, fine, let me know! Give me your perspective and explain why. I may agree with you, my mind can be changed.

Autism character traits in adults
What does autism look like in adults? Well, it’s hard to explain, sure I can list out some of the average traits you might see like:
- Difficulty interpreting what others are feeling
- Difficulty understanding facial expressions
- Emotional regulation issues
- Conversation skills are lacking/trouble keeping up a conversation (one sided conversations)
- Preference to repetitive behavior
- Deep knowledge of one particular topic
- lack of eye contact (due to the painful reaction they get when making eye contact, or just a general discomfort when doing this)

And many …

Linux Gaming! 2019

Back in the 1990's, there were a number of games that were released that actually had linux support. For example, Unreal, released in 1998 actually had a linux port. Doom had a port, Quake, and a few others. Then during the early 2000s to about 2010, linux gaming struggled. Sure you had WINE, but it wasn't perfect, or even good in some cases. 
Then steam became a thing and Valve decided linux was something worth supporting. 
Most of my computers, aside from a powerbook(see this post for why i have this), a 2010 MacBook and a newer MacBook pro, all of my other computers run linux. I decided not using the Spyware that is Windows 10 was not worth being able to play every single game out there. 
Then a co worker mentioned proton. Proton is Valve's solution to linux gaming. You can enable this setting in steam and play a large number of games on linux. So i tried it out. 
I booted up my Kubuntu machine (i like the native cube desktop support because it's pretty, no other r…