Welcome! - Update coming

Thanks for visiting! I'm working on redoing the site so there isn't much here right now. Stay tuned and I'll have more uploads going in the future.

A few things for now:

The site used to be focused on technology reviews (I got bored of that because it's not what I wanted to do and a thousand other people do this already). I want to switch gears and focus more on things I care about or find interesting. There is already a post on an old powerbook and classic gaming.

Going forward I want to get the following things setup:
- Scheduled postings, which means I'm going to need to dedicate time to planning out my articles weeks or months in advance and actually write them

- build a community! I want to have at least a small group of active people who want to engage with me and others. If I see traffic start, I want to rebuild the linuxelis forum again.

- Possibly move to another platform. Unsure how I'm going to do this yet but if I see the community growing I want to find another way to design the website that actually makes sense for what I want (blogger has some limitations).

- More to come as I think of it (I also need to create an archiving system because I lost all of my old posts from this site... yay)

Thanks for visiting and be sure to come back soon! Things are changing


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